You can be everything you want to be! In every single era of human history!

Fight as roman centurion against the barbarians in Gallia. Or as Admiral Nelson against the Spanish
armada. Or change history at Wounded Knee. Be the Lakota Sioux who strikes General Custer at Little
Big Horn.

In a realistic 3D-world with landscapes of tropical rainforests, deserts, grasslands, prairies and the
Rocky Mountains. Always in the specific era of human history.

Imagine starting out as a cave man living in the Stone Age, only wearing a breechcloth and making
your way through almost impenetrable forests in the search for food. Wild animals stalk you and you become hungry. You can appease your hunger with a few berries (food energy) and a creek stills your
thirst (food energy). After a while you start to gain orientation in your new surroundings, search for a
save cave to live in, learn how to make fire and conquer your new habitat piece by piece.

Inventions such as pointed spears or the somewhat later developed bone spearheads help to bring
you forward. You hunt animals and can create even more items or warming clothes.


The weather also is important. You lose vital energy if you are exposed to climatic exertions. In the
worst case (frost, snowfall), this may lead to an end ahead of time if you don´t have enough supplies,
clothes or shelter. Wind influences your chase. In difficult circumstances the prey may scent the

Time goes by (one hour gaming corresponds to around one year in the character´s life) which gives
an added input to the game. Years or centuries go by.

Your character grows older, raises a family and dies. But he may pass his knowledge to his